Shoe Care & Tips

We hope that your new Infield shoes will bring you lots of joy. We are happy to give you a few tips on caring for your new Infield shoes.

How do I care for my Infield shoes?

Infield shoes come in all sorts of different leathers. Every design, therefore, needs its own individual care so that it will last you a long time.

How to find out what type of leather your shoes are made from?

Take a look at the label on your Infield shoebox. You will find the type of leather that your shoes are made from under the color.

Leather Types

Our Care Tips

For smooth leather

Personal shoes deserve personal care. Indulge your smooth leather shoes with Infield shoe polish. Always only apply care products to dry leather, cleaned with a damp cloth. Apply the polish in a thin layer with circular movements. Then polish your shoes with a soft, lint-free woollen cloth or with a brush.

For velour and nubuck

Only treat your velour or nubuck leather shoes using a spray suitable for suede leather. Suede leather sprays don’t only refresh the colour of your shoes, but waterproof them too. Take regular care of your suede leather shoes with a brush and a waterproofing product, such as Collonil’s “Organic Protect & Care“.

For untreated leather

Natural leather is good for your feet and the environment. Aniline leather is an untreated, vegetable tanned leather, dyed with water-soluble pigments. Contrastingly to leather dyed with opaque pigments, the natural texture of the material is maintained here and its pores remain visible. The leather is fully breathable and provides an optimal foot environment. Although the aniline leathers used by Infield have a thin protective layer, the colour may temporarily change during cleaning and care. As long as the leather is wet, the colour will look a little darker. The best way to care for your shoes is with a spray care product, such as Collonil’s “Organic Bamboo Lotion“.

For water-resistant leather

Infield has equipped some winter designs with naturally water-resistant leather. The technique used to make the open-pored aniline leather water-resistant is known as “hydrophobic treatment”. With these leathers, too, Infield fully embraces ecology, so no toxic substances are used during hydrophobic treatment. It has many advantages: there are fewer stains and marks due to wetness and the shoes are better insulated, dry more quickly, are low-maintenance and durable. Infield shoes made of natural, water-resistant leather remain breathable and therefore ensure a perfect shoe environment AND dry feet. The best way to care for your shoes is with a spray care product, such as Collonil’s “Organic Bamboo Lotion“.

For effect leather

Treat your effect leather shoes exclusively with a damp cloth and soluble care products, such as Collonil’s “Organic Protect & Care“. Leave the product to dry before treating the leather further. WARNING! Do not brush the leather.

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